Pour n'être pas les esclaves martyrisés du Temps,
enivrez-vous sans cesse!
De vin, de poésie ou de vertu, à votre guise.

Elly Liyana Ruslan


Russian Revolution

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Anna Karina 

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Ok. You can quit arting now. It’s finished.


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1. what is your favorite kind of rice? Any kind of long-grain brown rice, kind of firm and not even remotely mushy, i.e. middle eastern rice or southeast asian rather than east asian. I actually dislike sticky Japanese white rice the most, unfortunately for me being stuck in Japan for the next 9 months…

2. if you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? various iterations of mac n’ cheese!

3. if you had to give up all kinds meat but one specific kind, what would you keep on eating? (If you are a vegetarian, replace meat with vegetable) I cannot imagine this happening. I might as well die. But if I had to choose: anything that comes from a pig. Specifically: sausage/bratwurst #worstjew

4. what is a food you hated as a child, but love now? I’m partial to a nice roasted cauliflower; as a kid even the smell of it would send me into crying fits

5. if you won the lottery and could hire chefs to open a restaurant of your dreams, what kind of place would it be? ALL OMELETS ALL THE TIME. Including, like, their east asian varieties, and stuff like scallion pancakes and okonomiyaki omggg. Actually, any egg-based dishes, really. EGG EGG EGG

6. if you had magic powers and could banish one dish or kind of food that no one could ever eat again, what would you banish? Eggplant. Or beets. Fuck beets. #worstRussian

7. what piece of kitchenware do you own that you could not live without? (utensil, or appliance, or sentimental object, etc) SPATULA

8. is there any food that your family eats but you dislike it and would never eat it now? (if you are a vegetarian, replace food with vegetable) [haha I love that everythingrises doesn’t consider vegetables foods) Um, most things? Especially: boiled chicken (ew), baked salmon (never liked the taste for some reason), Russian “vinaigrette” or “salad olivye” (gross), most things with a mayo base (which is most Russian foods), that weird dish with unspecified meat and boiled cabbage leaves and… ketchup…?

9. what is the most embarrassing chain restaurant/fast food place that you love? (coffee places like starbucks do not count) DUNKIN DONUTS. Oh my god I love that place so embarrassingly much. I don’t even remember the last time I had their donuts; it’s all about their coffee and greasy breakfast dishes for me

10. if pokemon were real, would you eat them? if so, which pokemon do you think would be the most delicious? I probably wouldn’t eat most of them, but some are probably begging for it. I’d probably have a roasted Farfetch’d (he already comes with an onion!) with a side of Vileplume and Tangela.

New Questions! (this was fun!)

1) If you could only listen to 10 albums for the next year of your life, what would they be?

2) If you had to describe your entire sense of self and personality with just three songs, what would they be?

3) What language do you consider the most beautiful? (even if you don’t speak it)

4) What career have you never tried but secretly thought you would be amazing at?

5) Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you?

6) Describe yourself as a 15-year old

7) You have no monetary, time, space, or reality restrictions. Where would you go on your honeymoon?

8) Favorite place in the world?

9) If you were transformed into a cartoon character, what would you be wearing?

10) If you had to pick: honesty, or truth? (interpret as you will)

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USSR Pioneer friendship. Jewish, Russian, and Korean young pioneers. Date unknown


USSR Pioneer friendship. Jewish, Russian, and Korean young pioneers. Date unknown

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“I made lists – made lists and tore them up, hundreds of lists: of cavalry leaders and football players and cities, and popular tunes and pitchers, and happy times, and hobbies and houses lived in a how many suits since I left the army … . And lists of women I’d liked, and of the times I had let myself be snubbed by people who had not been my betters in character or ability.”

—   F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Crack-Up

Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend (1967).


Московская элегия / moscow elegy (alexandr sokurov, 1988)

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Made for

Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2014

Karolina Chyzewska “Come with me”

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